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Educational project 2018-2019

May virtue and honesty characterize his words, and may his words always lead to good reason

M. de Montaigne


General objectives 2018-2019

  1. Take care of the micro environment of the center and enhance its openness to social and cultural context and the academic world. 
    Promote the role of the university students and its involvement in the life of the CM and in the organization of activities.
  2. Cultivate in the university students awareness of the culture’s potential and training in their personal development to achieve a more just and fraternal society; more humane and caring. 
    Develop  in the center Interiority and Solidarity projects.
  3. Sensitize with the celebration of INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF GLOBAL UNDERSTANDING, UNESCO 2016 and promote actions in the framework of this project.
  4. Promote Evangelization and facilitate ways to awaken a believing sensitivity and offer solidarity and commitment channels. Have Mary of Nazareth as a companion on our way. 

 Specific objectives

1.   Clarify the identity of our educational proposal, Company of Mary, according to our project of comprehensive training in:  La dinámica general del Colegio Mayor:

  • The overall dynamics of the College
  • Orientation and programming activities
  • The involvement of university students in the life of the center and in the management and coordination of activities.

 2.   Develop the "International Year of global understanding" through various workshops, activities, campaigns and celebrations

3.   Make the Colegio Mayor a meeting and understanding space, learning the universal language of coexistence in diversity by promoting respect and acceptance to the persons that form part of the Colegio Mayor: Educational Team, University students, Center Staff and Families.

4.   Strengthen the exercise of responsibility by studying and work well done; intensify cooperation and teamwork.

5.   Foster communication and relationships at all levels. Promote the application and development of social networks.

6.   Intensify the opening of the center to the nearest context and universities; open our facilities, activities and projects to young university students.

7.   Accompany especially those who are defined and feel; offer the entire college community channels and different experiences of joint commitment. 

Complementary course

Complementing integral formation, Lestonnac Educational Project will offer a monthly and weekly programming of various activities.

Cultural training, supportive, creative and playful proposals aim to promote comprehensive education, coexistence and integration into college life. Maximum competition and participation will be encouraged. The CM will offer credits of the University of Barcelona and internal credits,

The activities are open to old students and friends or classmates of fellow university students.

With respect for the religious freedom of each person, the CM will offer the possibility of a specific religious education for this university stage. 

College  Board

Organ that represents the students.

 It will consist of three veteran university students. Two will be chosen by the students and one by the Educational Team.The interested students will submit their applications at the Assembly at the course beginning


  • Collaborate with the direction in the CM dynamics and organization of some activities
  • To be a channel of communication and exchange of information between the directive board and the students.
  • Represent their peers and mediate incidents that may arise.
  • Representing the CM in Institutional events


 Organs of responsibility in the organization and development of activities. They shall be constituted by veteran students. Throughout the course they may go incorporating 1st year students.

Are as follows:

  • Culture 
  • Sport activities
  • Parties and celebrations
  • Health & Wellness

 Commissions will be coordinated by an educator, who is responsible for its dynamism and performance. They will develop the quarterly program of activities and evaluate what has been done.



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