Col·legi Major Universitari Lestonnac Barcelona
  • Wednesday 19 December 2018
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Who are we?

A strong and superior soul knows how to let himself be guided by the habits of childhood while guiding them as well

M. de Montaigne

LESTONNAC and the Company of Mary are the same thing...

The Company of Mary, founded by Joan of Lestonnac in 1607, in Burdeos, is the first religious institute dedicated to the education of the youth.

Joan of Lestonnac, along with the philosophical and pedagogical thinking of her uncle Miguel of Montaigne, roots her educational project in the Christian humanism and from the very beginning wanted to answer to the youth’s urgencies of her time within the educational framework.

Quickly, her schools (the education) started spreading all over France, and through the Pyrenees, arrived to Barcelona in 1650.

During the more of four centuries of its long history, her evangelical educational project has been growing and embodying through all the Spanish geography and jumping borders through America, Africa and Asia.

In each context, keeping in mind its social and cultural reality and its roots, answers from the educational structure that will be taking diverse forms: Schools, Social Education Projects, Secondary and High School Centers, Residences and University Residence (Colegios Mayores Universitarios), Formation and Professional training Centers, Health Schools, diverse Collaborations in Institutions and in Educational and social promotion projects, Church Institutions, Universities, etc...

As the Company of Mary, our priority fields are: children and young people, women and families.

This XXI century, the Company of Mary (Lestonnac), conscious and responsible of its rich educational and evangelical heritage, wants to keep “lending a hand” to the college youth within the concrete framework of the Colegio Mayor Universitario Lestonnac of Barcelona.

Today, this Educational Project is still alive, updated and contextualized thanks to a human team that, integrated by religious and laics, and with the responsible implication of all the university students, makes it possible.




  • Ownership: Pura Torres, odn
  • Director: Ma. Dolors López
  • Administration: Anna Góngora
  • Director: Ma. Dolors López
  • Assistant director: Ma. Claustre Solé, odn
  • Educationalists: Patricia Mata, Jordina Rodrigo y Rosa Carné 

RELIGIOUS COMMUNITY OF THE COMPANY OF MARY: Josefina Cirera, M. Josep Dach, Montserrat Massó, Estrella Ramos, Maria Claustre Solé i Dolors Viladrich.


RECEPTION: Carmen Socías, Dolors García, Néstor Bocanegra, Rosa Carne, Mariana Vallejo, Sol Quiñones and Community.
  • Kitchen and office:
    • Ornella Prigotti                  Breakfast

    • Laura Marín                      Lunch

    • Milady José-Rodríguez     Dinner

  •  Management:  Anna Góngora

  • Photocopier and printer: Educational team

  • Night emergencies: Call the number 603 76 43 03