Col·legi Major Universitari Lestonnac Barcelona
  • Wednesday 17 October 2018
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What we offer?

Let the tutor not merely require a verbal account of what the child has been taught but the meaning and substance of it.

M. de Montaigne

THE COLEGIO MAYOR UNIVERSITARIO “LESTONNAC”, center of the Company of Mary, affiliated to the University of Barcelona, is regulated by the approved statutes of the said University and of the organizational framework of the Colegio Mayor.

It has as a mission to offer to the university youth, spaces and experiences of coexistence and study, and a complement of integral formation, within the European Area, that favors its personal development and enriches its university curriculum.

Its educational proposal it’s made from a Christian conception of the human being, of life and the world, with an attitude of active compromise in the transformation of society from the Evangelic values.


 Its Educational Project has as objectives to develop the next dimensions:


Recognizes in each university student a concrete person, with a history and a name; situated in today’s reality; and that, with a responsible freedom, is making her process of growth and personal maturation.


Makes possible an environment in which coexistence and friendship make reality values such as respect, tolerance, mutual help, team work and the joint responsibility, fundamental experiences for life and for the practice of the future profession.


Eases means and ways that help to live and mature the faith, and offers experiences of solidary compromise from the Evangelic Values.


Services the students with installations and means to achieve the study and responsible work environment needed in order to achieve a full academic performance.


Fills with curiosity for knowledge and promotes an integral formation open to science, technique, today’s world, modern thinking currents and cultural context of Barcelona. Potentiates an integrative intercultural society.


Through activities and social sport and ludic activities, that favors the body and mind’s rest, and tries to develop the cooperation, participation, effort and positive interaction.