Col·legi Major Universitari Lestonnac Barcelona
  • Tuesday 14 August 2018
  • rises at 06:59 and sets at 20:51
  • rises at 12:50 and sets at 22:58

Scheduled activities

Anyone who does not live in some way for others does not live for himself.

M. de Montaigne


  • Seminars, courses and hot-cocoa-gatherings (chocotertulias)
  • Swimming and Aquagym
  • Mountain Group
  • Zumba
  • Lestonnac Chorus
  • Solidarity and Volunteering
  • National and international fields
  • Group classes and personal tutoring sessions
  • Catalan language classes
  • Cinema projection room
  • Eucharist and symbolic celebrations
  • Cultural visits, concerts, exhibitions, contests, competitions, ...
  • Parties, celebrations and encounters
  • Travel Tours
  • Planned activities are coordinated from the Colegio Mayor

The committees will make their own program of activities